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Founded in 2022

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Sara Leopold Spinnell has over 20 years of experience in book publishing and brand consulting. When the Supreme Court's draft of the Dobbs decision was leaked she conceived of a movement to educate high school students about what is at stake when we speak of women's reproductive rights. With teenaged daughters who would soon be applying to college, she saw the critical need for college applicants to understand the implications of living in a state that bans abortion or restricts reproductive healthcare.

Sara is now a High School college essay coach and also works with low income students on their college essays resulting in admissions to Dartmouth, NYU, Syracuse, Spelman and others. She has been a Director of Publicity for Oxford University Press, Picador USA, and a Brand Consultant for corporate clients. 

Sophie Spinnell:
Social Media Coordinator

is a sophomore student at Syracuse University. She is passionate about empowering her peers to be engaged on social issues including Women's Rights, healthcare access and privacy. 

 Dara Kass, MD 

 is a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician and champion for gender equity in healthcare.  Her work focuses on the intersection of people, politics, and policy.  She is a mother of three and lives in New York.

Margaret Munzer Loeb

is a filmmaker and philanthropist

engaged in issues of reproductive freedom and education.

She is a mother of three and

lives in New York.

Janna Meyrowitz Turner

is a strategist focused on systems change, leadership development, and communication in all its forms, in every direction. She has been leading consumer-focused campaigns for over 15 years for companies from Estée Lauder to the WNBA. 

Sarah Danzig Simon 

 is Head of Development at Uncommon Schools and is a passionate advocate for women’s health initiatives and LGBTQ+ equity and safety issues. 

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